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A family owned and operated business that originated in Fairfield county in 1964.

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50 Years

We specialize in all phases of residential and commercial paving, curbing, drainage, and site work. Our 50+ of experience has earned us the reputation as one of the highest quality service providers in the market place. Our team of skilled craftsmen has years of loyal service to the company, giving our customers the continuity they have come to expect time and time again.

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    Steven J. Dunn

our commitment to be

environmentally friendly

100% Recyclable

The most common use for used asphalt is crushing the old material and blending it with other recycled or virgin materials to create a blend of gravel, which will be used for road base.

Alternate methods of asphalt removal include the milling process, which is 100% small particle asphalt. Asphalt from this process can be reprocessed and used in many types of hot and cold mixes.

Dispense Waste Oil

To be environmentally friendly, our warehouse and mechanic bays are heated primarily with used motor and hydraulic oils generated from our equipment.

Pervious Materials

As demand grows for water retention and property coverage issues in many municipalities, our installation experience of pervious materials have helped numerous clients obtain their goals with prospective systems.

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